how to install TEMINI AGNSS L2 into DJI MAVIC 2 PRO
Version 1.0 beta
Temini's scope of delivery includes:
MAshot sync board;
3 pin power cable for MAGNSS L2 board;
2 screws for securing the AShot board;
MAGNSS L2 board + plastic case
L1/L2 Spiral Helix GNSS Antenna

Be extremely careful during installation process of Temini. Please, read instruction first and make sure that you understand whole process. Mistakes during installation process might lead to failure of your drone.

If you feel that your skills and experience are not enough, please, consult with a specialist and ask for help. Telegram support chat is: for English language; for Russian language.

Teokit (Temini) manufacturer is not responsible for improper installation.
All actions you perform at your own risk and responsibility.

You will get best result by contacting professionals.
Experienced technician can easily install Teokit (Temini) in 20 minutes.

For those who are confident with their skills and experience – follow our instruction.

You should make photos of the installation steps to ensure the hardware warranty and the ability to assist you if something goes wrong.
You will need:
Hex screwdriver 1.5;
Linehead screwdriver;
Crosshead screwdriver;
Put the drone upside down and unscrew 2 screws holding plastic cover using a 1.5 mm hex driver.

Then carefully disassemble the cover.
Unscrew 4 screws holding the gimbal using a 1.5 mm hex driver.

Carefull detach gimbal flex cable from core board.
Take out the gimbal.
gimbal cable
Unscrew 2 screws holding the flex gimbal cable using a crosshead driver.

Then unplug cable.
Unscrew and detach 2 screws holding gimbal board.
This screws will not used in the installation.
Install MAshot to the connector on Gimbal board.
See photo.
Plug Gimbal flex cable to MAshot, then put metall shield top to cable connector, then use MAshot 1.2x5mm screws and fix cable and MAshot to gimbal board using flat screwdriver.

Before fixing, check MAhot and cable are connected well.
MAshot is so beautiful!!!
front part
Unscrew 2 screws with 1.5 mm hex driver as shown on photo.
Unplug front plastic part using flat tool.
Push the power cable of MAGNSS through the hole.
Connect MAGNSS power cable to MAshot as shown on picture.
gimbal installation
Put Gimbal to its place back.
Fix it with 4 screws.

Then connect Gimbal flex cable to Core board.
Screw Gimbal with 4 screws.
Screw Temini front cover with 2 screws with 1.5 mm hex screwdriver.

Then put plastic cover, which you unplugged in the first step.

This is finish!
Plug Helix antenna to Temini.
Turn on drone.
MAGNSS board will beep beep beep.
Connect to its WI-FI with password 12345678.
Go to MAGNSS web page with
When you will see 3D fix in status page, you need make Shot and look for Last timemark string to check if there is Timemark when Drone is shooting.

Congratulations! Installation is complete!
Teodrone is the best PPK drone!
Thank you for your interest in our kit.

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